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Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru

Just watched the Tony Robbins documentary the other night, and wow. It was incredibly powerful to see one single man change the lives of many disheartened people within minutes, even seconds.

I strongly recommend everyone to check it out! Robbins does cuss often, but it’s not profanity just for the sake of filler words, it’s to done to awaken the soul and mind. It shakes people up and brings them back to reality.

Have you ever been to an insane rock concert? One where you were jumping up and down while screaming the lyrics. You probably felt alive and joyful. That’s what Tony Robbins’ seminars are like — insane, wild, fun rock concerts where you uncover the true essence of you!

I started to tear up at the last part of the documentary — don’t worry I won’t spoil a thing! I tend to over empathize anyways, however, these were tears I didn’t even think about, or process. I was SO engaged with the events taking place, I felt as though I was actually at the seminar.

Tony, full name Anthony, Robbins is such a big presence in the room, you could feel his power and vibrant energy through the screen. He deeply cares for individuals, and the documentary touches on a variety of complex issues.

His ability to reveal and resolve a stranger’s internal vulnerability and struggle is truly magical.

Tony Robbins has inspired me to be the positive light in the world and reach out to people that need to be reminded these important words:

Sharing my voice with the world. Your story matters.